If a day goes by without my doing something related to photography, it's as though I've neglected something essential to my existence, as though I had forgotten to wake up ... // Richard Avedon

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The third eye

Joseph Beuys baffled most with the statement that we are all artists. Of course he meant that every person has a creative side that can mature or remain at an amateur level. In the case of Sandra Zagolin this leap in quality is evident. A leap that is not the result of a flame but of an awareness achieved over time by working on different fronts. Hers is a journey to discover the world through self-discovery. Not an easy discovery, but to achieve a significant result we need to overcome many obstacles. The infinity line moves continuously, it is not static. And this is demonstrated by the mountaineer who climbs one peak and chooses the next one. Such are the travels of our Sandra Zagolin. One to move the frontier line, not to settle for the strictly local which leads us to cancel that curiosity which is at the basis of every new discovery. The world in all its variables is at our disposal.

Giancarlo Da Lio
Venezia Mestre

Parti con me? Viaggio fotografico in Thailandia

Partiamo assieme per una straordinaria esperienza di fotografia e viaggio! Ti guiderò in un tour fotografico nei più autentici e intigranti luoghi della Thailandia. Dal 15 al 29 novembre 2023. Per avere maggiori informazioni clicca qui sotto e vai alla...

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